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Awami Zarai Scheme (AZS)- Farm Credit

Mandatory for all new borrowers and optional for existing borrowers of crop production loan under Sada Bahar Scheme to avail revolving limit under Awami Zarai Scheme to get inputs through M/s Kissan Support Services Limited (KSSL) - a subsidiary of ZTBL under kind system. The prime features of this scheme are here under:-
Operational Jurisdiction: All ZTBL branches accross Pakistan.
Eligibility: Existing borrowers of Crop Production Loans are eligible to avail revolving limit under the Scheme through Kissan Support Services (KSSL)- a subsidary of ZTBL under kind system as well as in cash.
Collateral: Tangible Securities.
Cost of Credit  
Price of Loan Case File Rs.200/- each
  Loan Appraisal Fee Loan upto Rs.50,000/- [1% of loan applied]
Loan above Rs.50,000/- [2% of loan applied]
  Postal Charges Rs.500/-
  CWR Rs.150/-
  Renewal Fee Rs.300/-
Loanable Items: Inputs-Seed-fertilizer,pesticides/insecticides/POL/labour charges etc)
Documents Required: CNIC Photocopy, Loan Case File, e-CIB Report, Agri. Pass Book/ Fard Jamabandi & 2 recent photographs
  1. Loans disbursed for wheat & other Rabi Crops from 1st October to 31st March, their recovery date would fall on 7th July with one month grace period
  2. Loans disbursed for Cotton, Paddy & other Kharif Crops from 1st April to 30th September, their recovery date would fall on 7th January with one month grace period
  3. Loans disbursed for the Sugarcane would be recovered in two installments on 7th January & 7th April with one month grace period.
  4. Input loan for the Orchard to be disbursed during Rabi season would be recovered in one installment on next 7th January and like wise input loans for Orchard to be disbursed during Kharif season would be recoverable on next 7th July.
Maximum Sanction Limit: Rs.0.700 million per borrower/party.
Monitoring: Strict monitoring is exercised by ensuring checking of utilization by the MCO in 100% cases and sample checking of utilization by the Manager, ZOnal Manage (Recovery) and Internal Auditor Bank.
Rate of Markup: The prevailing Bank rate of markup and incentive on timely repayment of loan is applicable.

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