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Types of Deposits Rate of Return Terms & Conditions
CURRENT A/C NIL 1. Initial deposit is Rs.200/-
2. Un-remunerative charges @ Rs.50/- pm shall be deducted on half yearly basis.
PLS-SAVING A/C (Regular Saving A/c) 3.75 % pa 1. No initial deposit.
2. Max. 8 debit transactions during the month are allowed for calculation of profit.
3. Profit shall be calculated on the basis of average balance during the month.
4. Profit shall be credited to a/c on half yearly basis.
BUSINESS DEPOSIT A/C (Special deposit A/C) 3.75% pa 1. Initial deposit is Rs.10,000/-
2. Profit shall be calculated on the basis of daily product.
3. No limit of withdrawals.
4. Profit shall be credited into account on half yearly basis.
ROZANABACHAT A/C (Special deposit A/C) 4.25% to 5.25% pa (slabs placed ) 1. Initial deposit is Rs.10,000/-
2. No limits of withdrawals.
3. Profit shall be calculated into a/c on Quarterly basis
4. Two DDs & two POs shall be issued free of charge during the month if average balance of Rs.2, 00,000/- maintained.
BASIC BANKING A/C NIL 1. Min. initial balance is Rs.1000/-
2. It is non-remunerative a/c.
3. Max. two deposit & two chequing withdrawals during a month are free of charge
PLS-TERM DEPOSIT ( slab rates per circular ) 4.15% TO 5.75% (slab placed) 1. Min. initial balance is Rs.1000/-.
2. Minimum holding is 3 months.
3. PLS saving a/c rate shall be applied in case of premature encashment & after maturity.
4. Request of roll over shall be made in sufficient time before its maturity otherwise it will be transferred to TDR Matured a/c .
ZARAI MUNAFA TERM DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE (ZMTDC) 5.75% 1. Initial deposit if 0.100 million.
2. Scheme is restricted for Bank employees & their relatives.
3. Profit shall be paid at maturity.
4. Premature encashment OR after maturity PLS-Saving a/c rate shall be applied.
MUSTAQBIL MEHFOOZ A/C 4.75% 1. Short term deposit scheme for a fixed period of 3 and 6 months.
2. Min. deposit is Rs.50,000/-.
3. In case of premature encashment OR after maturity PLS-saving a/c rate shall be applied.
ZARAI TERM DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE (ZTDC) 3.75 % To 4.85 % pa 1. Before 6 month
2. 6 month & before 12 month.
3. 12 month & before 24 month
4. 24 month & before 36 month.
ZTBL Junior Account (ZJA) Prevailing PLS Savings Account Rate 1. Initial deposit of Rs. 1000/ - after completing all pre-requisites stipulated by SBP/Banks procedure in vogue.
2. Profit calculation on daily product basis to be credited in the account on quarterly basis.
3. Account to be opened in the name of Minor and operated by Parent/Guardian.
4. Single debit transaction restricted to Rs.50,000/-
5. Free 1st cheque book.
6. Welcome Pack at the time of account opening.
7. Birthday surprises via SMS.