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Financing for electric chakki for making masalajaat (chilli, dhanya, zeera etc.)


Spices/condiments are a daily need of households in Pakistan. There is a huge demand of different Masalajat like Chilli, Dhanya, Zeera etc for daily use. The subject scheme is developed to fulfill daily requirement of these Masalajat in ground form by providing grounding units to needy persons living near the market.


The scheme would help the farmers to have easy access towards credit and to facilitate the farmers for enhancement of agri. productivity in the country.

Terms & Conditions

Operational Jurisdiction

The scheme will be applicable across the country.

  • The creditworthy and reputable rural farmer having a good repayment behavior will be considered for such loan. Moreover, farmers having appropriate self-owned & self-possessed agri. land to cover the feasibility of subject scheme are entitled to avail loan facility for the said purpose.
  • Valid copy of CNIC.
  • Clear e-CIB report from SBP.
  • Obligors Risk Rating (ORR) to 4.
Maximum Loan Limit

The maximum loan limit under the scheme would be upto Rs. 1.000 million per borrower/party.

Borrower’s Contribution

10% of the loan amount will be deposited by the borrower as self-contribution or invested towards the project.


The loan would be secured against all types of tangible securities acceptable to the Bank. In case of its non-availability, parent’s/family member’s security can be accepted as a co-applicant.

Cost of Credit

As per Bank’s rules.

Rate of Mark up

The prevailing rate of mark up on development loans would be applicable. However, 3% rebate would be allowed on timely repayment.

Sanction of Loan

Loan under the scheme would be sanctioned by Central Loan Sanctioning Department (CLSD).

Disbursement of Loan

After execution of legal documents loan would be disbursed through Supply Order in the name of the manufacturing Company.

Repayment Schedule

Loan would be recovered within 5 years in half yearly installments with grace period of six months.


Close monitoring would be carried out by the respective MCO & Branch Manager.


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