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Raw Sugar (Jaggery/Shakkar) Making, Processing and Packaging

Financing Product for Raw Sugar (Jaggery/Shakkar) Making, Processing, and Packaging

Raw Sugar (jaggery/shakkar) is a healthier and better alternative of white sugar. According to the research carried out in the world, white sugar is damaging human health and labeled as “white poison”. ZTBL is already providing loaning facilities to farmers under Soghat-e-Shireen Scheme for “Gur Making”. Loaning facilities can also be provided on similar grounds for raw sugar making as well. ZTBL will try to provide linkages to farmers for marketing of their produce either by contact with utility stores or super markets etc. or by exploring suitable parties for buying of raw sugar for further marketing.

Terms & Conditions

Operational Jurisdiction

The scheme will be applicable throughout the country.

Eligibility Criteria

i)      All credit worthy farmers of above area are eligible to get financing under the scheme. Scheme will be effective in such sugarcane growing areas only where no restriction has been imposed by Federal or any Provincial Government on set up of such project.
ii)    Clear e-CIB Report from SBP
iii)   Obligor’s Risk Rating (ORR) upto 4

Items to be Financed

Cane Crusher, Shakkar Grinder/Powder Making Machine, Boiling Plates, Juice Storage Box, Generator and Packaging Material etc.

Documents Required

CNIC Copy, Loan application, Agri. Pass Book/Fard Jamabandi & 2 recent photographs

Maximum Loan Limit

Upto Rs. 5.000 million per borrower/party.

Borrower’s Contribution

10% of project cost or the amount over and above the Bank’s maximum per borrower/party exposure will be invested by the borrower towards the project as equity


The loan would be secured against all types of securities acceptable to the Bank. In case of its non-availability, parents/family member’s security can be accepted as a co-applicant.

Cost of Credit

As per Bank’s Rules.

Rate of Mark Up

The prevailing rate of mark up on development loans with 3% rebate on timely repayment is applicable.

Sanction of Loan

Loan under the scheme will be sanctioned by Central Loan Sanctioning Department (CLSD) upto Rs. 2.500 million and over & above by Head Office Credit Committee.

Repayment Schedule

Loan will be recovered within 05 years in half yearly installments with grace period of 6 months.


Close monitoring would be carried out by the respective Bank authorities.