Financing of “Oil Expeller Unit”

The chief objective of the scheme is to use seeds of various commodities such as Canola, Rapeseed, Sunflower & Soyabean for economical purposes by extracting edible oil. Oil Expeller Unit/Machine has an important role in extracting oil from raw materials. Oil expeller machine having features such as low price/cost & less complexity could be more attractive among the farmers. It can also alleviate the poverty especially the small farmers through employment generation.

In addition, the scheme could also generate revenue having value added characteristics i.e processing/selling seed residuals for a number of economical purposes. Keeping in view of the above benefits, the Bank has introduced the subject scheme for the farming community.

Terms & Conditions

Operational Jurisdiction

All ZTBL branches across Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria

All new as well as old creditworthy farmers, are eligible to get financing under the scheme, however preference will be given to those farmers who are already engaged in this business/activity.

Documents Required

CNIC Copy, Loan Application, Agri.Pass Book/Fard Jamabandi, 2 recent photographs.

Maximum Loan Limit

Rs. 2.500 million per borrower/party.

Borrower’s Contribution

10% of the loan amount will be deposited by the borrower as self-contribution


Tangible properties owned by the borrowers as per policy of the Bank.

Cost of Credit

As per Bank’s Rules.

Repayment Schedule

The loan under the scheme will be recoverable within 05 years in 10 half yearly installments on 15th January or 15th July with the following provisions.

  1. 100% cash amount of installment on due date must be recovered.
Rate of Mark Up

The prevailing rate of mark up on development loans with 3% rebate on timely repayment is applicable.

Sanction of Loan

Loan upto Rs. 2.500 under the scheme will be sanctioned by Central Loan Sanctioning Department (CLSD).


MCO & Manager concerned will be fully responsible for monitoring, assisting and guiding the borrower for proper utilization of loan. However, MCO of the respective branch will check the utilization of loans within one month of disbursement in 100% cases. Moreover, Manager, Zonal Manager (Recovery) and Bank’s Internal Auditor will also check the utilization of loans within prescribed share percentage.


Agriculture Loan Schemes

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