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Interest Free Loans and Risk Sharing Scheme

Interest-Free Loans and Risk Sharing Scheme for Landless Farmers (IF & RSlF) in Flood affected Areas

The government of Pakistan in collaboration with SBP has launched a subject titled Scheme for landless farmers of rain/flood-affected areas, for production loans.  ZTBL being participating Bank in the scheme, has launched the subject titled scheme, the key features of which are as under.

Terms & Conditions:



They will be applicable in flood-affected areas only.
Eligibility Criteria
  1. Small and marginalized landless farmers/tenants in flood-affected areas cultivating with (i) 5 acres for irrigated land or (ii) 10 acres for rain-fed land.
  2. Clear e-CIB Report from SBP.
  3. Obligor’s Risk Rating (ORR) up to 4.
  4. Not a defaulter of ZTBL or any other Financial Institution.
Documents Required
  1. Loan Application.
  2. Valid CNIC.
  3. Recent Photographs (2).
  4. Kasra Gurdwara/Field Book (copy of the last crop cultivated) as proof of the cultivator.
  5. Surety Bond.
  6. Fard Jamamadi of land offered by sureties/guarantors.
Procedure and Conditions for Sure Loan


  1. Surety bond by the applicant with a maximum of two sureties, preferably Namberdar or a Notable Person in the area.
  2. Surety of a person owning immovable property, worth 2 times the amount of loan, can be accepted. Thus, a solvent person can stand surety to the extent of 50% of the assessed value of his property.
  3. A permanent employee of the Federal/Provincial Government is also eligible to stand surety for one case only up to the limit of three times his substantive pay.
  4. The surety of a relative can be accepted.
  5. A person being a guarantor for loans to another person cannot apply for this scheme.
  6. A landlord can also stand surety for his two tenants provided it is ensured that the loan will be used by the tenants for the land under their cultivation.
  7. No guarantee/surety can be accepted from a borrower who is a defaulter of ZTBL or any Bank/ financial institution.
Maximum Loan Limit The maximum per borrower/party loan limit under the scheme would be up to Rs. 0.200 million.
Rate of Markup No markup (0%) markup on loans will be paid by the borrowers.
Sanction of Loan Loans under the scheme will be sanctioned by the Central Loan Sanctioning Department (CLSD) at Head Office up to Rs. 0.200 million.
Collateral Loans will be provided against clean financing.
Cost of Credit As per Bank’s Rules.
Repayment of Loan Short-term production/working capital loans would be recovered within 18 months after the first disbursement.
Monitoring Monitoring of the scheme will be done by the respective Bank authorities.

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