Khuli Kachehri- Larkana

List of complaints/suggestions raised in Khuli Kachehri held at ZTBL, Larkana on 07.09.2021

  1. The farming community have facing too much problems listed:
    1. Scarcity of Water for Rice Crop
    2. Illegal Pipe Connections for Water Theft.
  1. Un-registered seeds/pesticides being sold out by Agents/Shopkeepers which cause damage of crop.
  2. Farming community emphasized for waiving of markup in deceased cases both in general and SAM loans.
  3. Free Mark-Up loans financing to small growers.
  4. Discount/Rebate should be given to regular borrowers on advance payment of loan.
  5. Farming community also stressed to advance loan for Small Mills for Paddy Crop (Tomato cold storage) small factory process etc.
  6. Managers may conduct visits to the Abad gars/Khatedars regularly for feedback for their problems.
  7. Due to shortage of water specially in Kamber-Shahdadkot District, crop could not be sowing in time, therefore the growers demanded for declared of their areas as calamity affected area and postpone their loans.
  8. Bank introduced Account Opening scheme at Head Office rather to Opening of account at Branch Level for customer ease.
  9. Bank Introduced new Loan Scheme of Kissan Khushhal Scheme and it delayed in financing of their previous loan as it needs New account opening by HO.
  10. SAM settlement package/scheme may be allowed.
  11. Bank’s new technologies may be shared with the farming community through their Technical Staff/ MCO.
  12. To arrange Training Program for improvement of yield/ adoption of modern technology introduced by the Bank with the consultation of subject specialists.
  13. Government’s Withholding Tax may not be deducted from farmers.
  14. Revenue Record has several hassles & need digitalization as AC Qambar, Shahdadkot, Miro Khan cancelled Mutation Entries which creates in New Loans as well as enhancement of Loans.
  15. Due to inflation, limit of livestock may please be enhanced.

Ye Hoye Na Baat !!!

Abb ghar baithay ZTBL may Bank account kholo …