Khuli Kacheri – D.M Jamali

Besides meeting with managers, an open discussion (Khuli Kacheri) was also held with notables of the area, their grievances and proposals brought in discussion.

In participating, the following notables/Zamindars placed their suggestions: –

01. Mr. Wazeer Khan Manjhoo proposed that a relief package to be provided to farmers of Balochistan province because long drought has badly hampered the economy of farmers and they are not in position to maintain their livelihood or further invest in Agriculture sector. This proposal was also supported by other participating notables and given suggestion that a relief package up to the extent of Rs.300000/- principle availed including update markup may be waved off.

02. Mr. Israr Ahmed Awan proposed that cases of deceased farmers may kindly be considered for remission with entire mark up, as such packages are running with other banks like First Microfinance bank etc.

03. Mr. Sohbat Khan Rahooja participating in discussion pointed out that the fiscal package announced by the Prime Minister in the wake of COVID-19 expired on 30-06-2021 but farmers of Balochistan could not avail, due to its limitation up to 12.5 acres. He further pointed out that such relief
package of 12.5 acres is sufficient in Punjab province but in case of Balochistan its limitation may be extended up to 32 acres because there are mostly cases of rain feeded land, less cultivated areas and holding land of farmers of Balochistan is more than 12.5 acres. He requested that the
authority may kindly review the case to facilitate poor backward farmers of Balochistan.

04. Mr. Atta Hussain Jamali given suggestion that insurance amount being collected on farmer’s loan may be stopped as this causes loss to farmers as no claim being paid by insurance authority to farmers, especially in Balochistan.

05. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Khosa put a proposal that charges on loan application fee is high rate that may be reduced to the rate of other banks like First Microfinance Bank etc because trend of farmers moving towards the First Microfinance Bank as they receive loan easily on reduced rate of mark up as well as less loan application fee.

06. Mr. Abdul Rasool Chandia invited the attention of honourable members towards the less flow of water in Paffeeder Canal because a heavy silt during previous floods occurred at upper side of Patfeeder Canal has badly damaged barren side of Canal and silt is not carried out yet that hampered flow of water and causes heavy losses to the farmers of tail areas. Its excavation/cleaning on urgent measures is quite imperative to be carried
out through Frontier Corps (FC) and other Law Enforcing Agencies as well. The matter is an important and calls for immediate remedy.

Considering the demands of notables/Zamindars, honourable team members made sure to bring these issues in the knowledge of worthy president and other concerned authorities for solution these genuine problems and give immediate/effective remedy in the best interest of poor farmers of backward areas.

Ye Hoye Na Baat !!!

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