Financing Scheme for “Soya Bean Cultivation” as Green Banking Product

Soya bean is one of the most important oilseed crops in the world. It contains 18-22 percent oil & has 40 to 42 percent of good quality protein and is highly desirable in the diet. Generally, it is used in the food industry for flour, oil, margarine, cookies, biscuit, candy, milk, vegetable cheese, lecithin and many other products. Climate change has badly affected the production of all crops due to shortage of water, so there is a dire need to grow such alternate crops. Soya bean restores the nitrogen in the soil, enriches the soil nutrients so fewer fertilizers are used for the next crop. It is also drought resistant crop and can survive under less water availability. Keeping in view the facts explained above, Bank has introduced the subject scheme for the farmers living across the country.

Financing Scheme for “Milk Chilling Unit”

In order to promote the dairy/livestock sector by streamlining milk collection and its delivery, it is imperative to finance the populace attached with the dairy milk collection business and its distribution. Further in order to get more earning through this sector by establishment of small Milk Chilling Units in the country, the Bank has launched the subject scheme for the dairy/livestock farmers across the country.


Financing for “Establishment Of Silage Units”

Silage is fermented, high moisture stored fodder, which is used to feed dairy/livestock and other animals in dry season.

In order to preserve & protect silage nutrients from field losses as well as to promote dairy/livestock sector by facilitating the farming community to provide loans for establishment of silage units to overcome the fodder shortage during scarcity/dry season for their animals, the Bank has launched the captioned scheme for the farming community.

Financing of “Oil Expeller Unit”

The chief objective of the scheme is to use seeds of various commodities such as Canola, Rapeseed, Sunflower & Soyabean for economical purposes by extracting edible oil. Oil Expeller Unit/Machine has an important role in extracting oil from raw materials. Oil expeller machine having features such as low price/cost & less complexity could be more attractive among the farmers. It can also alleviate the poverty especially the small farmers through employment generation.

In addition, the scheme could also generate revenue having value added characteristics i.e processing/selling seed residuals for a number of economical purposes. Keeping in view of the above benefits, the Bank has introduced the subject scheme for the farming community.

Agri. Financing Scheme for “Floriculture & Green Houses”

In order to promote the floriculture & green houses in Pakistan and to facilitate the rural community to utilize their best potential and skill to earn their livelihood through flower & off-season vegetable cultivation, this exclusive scheme has been launched by the Bank. This will also help in reduction of unemployment among rural masses.

Rural Development Scheme for AJ & K

In order to provide credit assistance for establishment of around 300 dairy units in the rural areas of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K), ZTBL has introduced the captioned scheme for small farmers of AJ&K Mark-up on loan given by the Bank to borrowers will be borne by Livestock and Dairy Development Department, AJ&K.

The key objective of the scheme/Project is to enhance the productivity of existing livestock resource in private sector as well as development of new technology and improvement of livestock infrastructure in AJ&K.

Red Meat Financing Package for Sheep/ Goat Rearers

Pakistan’s economy is predominantly agrarian. The agriculture sector contributes significantly to the GDP. Livestock being the largest sub-sector of the agriculture accounts for 50% of value addition. 35 million rural population depends directly on this sector. Hence a special scheme has been launched to promote this sector.

Special Schemes for Gilgit-Baltistan

In order to reduce poverty in Gilgit-Baltistan area and enhance business activities for the populace, the following special products/schemes have been launched.

Asan Qarza Scheme

In order to engage youth in national development, who form major segment of rural population in Pakistan and to raise their living standard and check their migration to urban areas, it has been decided to launch “Asan Qarza Scheme”.

Khushk Ratab Scheme

 Product for Dehydration of Dates (Chuhara)

Keeping in view a great deal of importance and scope of enhancement in dates (Chuhara) export there is a dire need to attract the farmers/populace attached with this business. For that purpose, Bank has introduced the titled scheme which is applicable in dates growing areas of the country. Through this scheme intending farmers can increase their income besides earning of foreign exchange for the country.