Khawateen Rozgar Scheme

In order to empower the rural women to play significant role in agri. activities by increasing family income & to contribute towards GDP, the subject titled scheme has been introduced in all branches of the Bank.

Tobacco Barn Financing Scheme

The scheme has been introduced with the objective to facilitate the tobacco growing community to get suitable price of their tobacco produce by value addition by setting-up Tobacco Barns.

Soghat-e-Shireen Scheme for “GUR Making”

Gur is famous being a healthiest sugar in the world owing to its high nutrition value. Being a seasonal & self sustaining business providing gainful employment & returns, huge potential for popularizing it as a daily sweetener exist. In line with Bank’s new initiatives to support Government’s efforts for agriculture led economic growth and to alleviate rural poverty, the Bank has taken stride to finance ‘Gur making’ process countrywide.

Tahafuz-e-Ajnas Scheme (Product on Godown)

In order to promote the floriculture sector & establishment of green houses in Pakistan and to facilitate the rural community to utilize their best potential and skill to earn their livelihood through flower & off-season vegetable cultivation, this exclusive scheme has been launched by the Bank. This will also help in reduction of unemployment among rural masses.

Warehouse Receipt Financing Scheme

In order to address the food security challenges, massive investments in agricultural infrastructure, production trade and processing is taking place across the world. Warehouse receipt financing can play a pivotal role to protect the farmer’s compulsion to sell their product immediately after harvest and collateralized commodity transaction stand itself security for the loan.

The commodities are stored in a licensed warehouse that issues a receipt proving that the commodities are physically placed in the warehouse. This receipt forms the basis of the financing.

In the first instance, the Red Chilli farmers of Kunri area under the ZTBL Samaro Branch of Mirpurkhas zone are being facilitated by providing financing for their working capital requirements through this scheme.

Financing Scheme for “Dairy Value Chain”

In compliance of ACAC-SBP decision and in order to fulfill the genuine & real needs of the dairy farming community, Bank has introduced the subject titled scheme across all branches of ZTBL.

Terms & Conditions

Financing for “Green Banking Products”

In the light of “Green Banking Guidelines of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP)” and “Green Banking Policy of ZTBL” five Green Banking Products have been developed by the Bank which will help in mitigating the harsh effects of climate change on agriculture, to conserve the natural resources like water, soil energy and protection of environmental hazards such as environmental pollution and smog etc. The list of products is as follows:

  • Raised Bed Planter/Machine
  • Direct Seeding Rice Planter
  • Happy Seeder/Pak Seeder
  • Solar Dryer
  • Solar-powered Drip Irrigation SystemTerms & Conditions

Loan for Tractor

Tractor is a farm vehicle. Tractors have traditionally been used on farms to mechanise several agricultural tasks. Agriculture implements are to be mounted on the tractor and it may also provide a source of power if the implement is mechanized. Farm tractor is used for pulling and pushing agriculture machinery. It is used for ploughing, tilling, disking, harrowing, landscape maintenance, moving or spreading fertilizer, clearing bushes and planting fields.

Keeping in view the above benefits, Bank is providing credit facilities to farmers for the purchase of tractor.

Financing scheme for “Agri. Land Development through Alternate/ Renewable Energy”

Country is facing the energy crisis. Agriculture sector has received a setback due to energy crisis resulting into low crop productivity. In order to help the farmers to overcome the energy crisis, the Bank has introduced following two products as an alternate/renewable energy resource which will help not only to get energy at low cost but also be useful in boosting agri. Production. This would provide credit for relatively cheaper energy resources to farmers to shift from existing expensive energy options.

  • Solar Energy System
  • Bio Gas Unit/Plant

Financing for establishment of Agri.Tourist Outlet/ Orchard

The main strength of the economy of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) is largely dependent on dry fruits and agriculture. More than 15 lac domestic and international tourists visit Gilgit-Baltistan every year.
Keeping in view this scenario and to gather Agriculture & Tourism in such a way that local farmers could fetch maximum benefit of their agriculture produce ZTBL has played its role to provide loans for “Establishment of Agri. Tourist Outlet/Orchard” where tourist can visit, stay, enjoy and purchase agri. produce of farmer in real time environment thereby eliminating the role of intermediaries.
Salient features of the scheme are as under: