Warehouse Receipt Financing Scheme

In order to address the food security challenges, massive investments in agricultural infrastructure, production trade and processing is taking place across the world. Warehouse receipt financing can play a pivotal role to protect the farmer’s compulsion to sell their product immediately after harvest and collateralized commodity transaction stand itself security for the loan.

The commodities are stored in a licensed warehouse that issues a receipt proving that the commodities are physically placed in the warehouse. This receipt forms the basis of the financing.

In the first instance, the Red Chilli farmers of Kunri area under the ZTBL Samaro Branch of Mirpurkhas zone are being facilitated by providing financing for their working capital requirements through this scheme.

Terms & Conditions

Operational Jurisdiction

As a pilot project, the scheme has been launched for Kunri area under ZTBL Samaro Branch of Mirpurkhas Zone. However the scheme is being extended through ZTBL selected Branches across the country.

  1. The farmers who posses warehouse receipt issued by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) after meeting all its requirements.
  2. All creditworthy farmers.
  3. More than one creditworthy farmer can also apply for loan jointly.
  4. Clear CWR
  5. ORR rating up to 4.
Documents Required

CNIC Copy, Loan Case File, Agri.Pass Book/Fard Jamabandi & 2 recent photographs

Maximum Loan Limit

Rs.1.000 million per borrower/party


Electronic Warehouse Receipt (EWR) issued by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX), Pledge of Stock, Personal Guarantee of the depositor/borrower up to the marked-up amount

Rate of Markup

As per prevailing rate of Mark-up under Kissan Dost Scheme

Cost of Credit

As per standing instructions of the Bank.

Repayment Schedule

The loan would be recoverable in lump sum within one year on 15th January or 15th July as the case may be.


Close monitoring would be carried out on monthly basis by establishing real time liaison with Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) by respective Branch Manager, Zonal Chief and Credit Operations Department. Internal Auditors of the Bank would also closely watch its progress and effective implementation.

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