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Khuli Kacheri- Abbottabad


As per vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Khuli Ketchary was scheduled at ZTBL, Zonal Office Abbottabad on 24.08.2021 in order to revive and facilitate the farmers to catler their Agri Credit needs to up lift the Scio Economic condition of intending farmers one step more for prosperous Development of Agricultures through conducive environment and continuous monitoring with the consultation of all stake holders on foremost priorities.


The Farmers/borrowers about 20-30 of the localities of Hazara Division, Abbottabad Zone attended/participated in the Khuli Ketchary scheduled on 24.08.2021 at ZTBL, ZO, Abbottabad and few of them raised their problem/issue regarding loaning facilities to intending farmers etc, which were responded by the Senior Management with the assurance to extend full cooperation in resolving the issue and taking up matter with Govt.


  •  The subsidized mark-up facility as 10% extended by the Federal Govt. due to COVID-19, which was expired on 30.06.2021 while the COVID-19 situation is persist continuously and the farming community is suffering badly by the pandemic spread, therefore the said facility may be extended for further one year .
  •  The prices of fertilizers etc increased in the market, the loan limit may be revised in order to meet the requirement.
  •  Most of the items are not covered/included in the loaning scheme such as “Aatta Chaki” “Benola Khal Making Machine” etc which may be included in the loan able items list of ZTBL.
  •  The Khyber Bank is extending loan for solar tube well @ 6% Mark-up, the ZTBL, may also allow such facility on low mark-up rate.
  •  The opening of Account takes too much time which effects delay in timely disbursement of loan to farmers which may be resolved.


  •  The subsidized mark-up scheme was extended by the federal Govt. not by the bank; however the bank will refer the farmers problems to Ministry of Finance for consideration to resolve the issue and to extend the same for further one year.
  •  The issue is under consideration and the bank is launching new schemes.
  •  We will work on the other schemes keeping in view the feasibility and then after the same will be included in loan-able items..
  • The solar tube well scheme is already subsidized by the federal Govt. and the bank is extending loan for solar tube well on the federal Govt. subsidize rates, however the bank will extend rebate to good repay master by 1% or 2% mark-up rebate for future loan.
  •  Minimum turn-around time is fixed by the bank for the opening of account through CPU, hence the timely payment of loan will be ensured.

Khuli Ketchary winded up by the chair with vote of thanks.